Sleep and hypnosis

Sleep easily and naturally with the help of self hypnosis!
Falling asleep sounds easy, but many struggle every night trying to fall and stay asleep.
Our stress levels increase when our bodies and mind just cannot relax.We find our-self exhausted when we wake up. Feels like we are in a fog and not efficient .
Does sleep hypnosis really work?
Does it work or not?
Recent science overwhelmingly says yes. In exciting news for light sleepers, a 2014 study found that hypnosis increased slow-wave sleep (deep, healing sleep) by as much as 80 percent in some sleepers.
How do you stop insomnia naturally?
Tips and tricks
  1. Avoid chemicals that disrupt sleep, such as nicotine, caffeine, and alcohol.
  2. Eat lighter meals at night and at least two hours before bed.
  3. Stay active, but exercise earlier in the day.
  4. Take a hot shower or bath at the end of your day.
  5. Avoid any type of (tv, Ipads etc) screens one to two hours before bed.
  6. Do not surf the internet — place your phone face down.
  7. Play this video music once in bed
  8. Breath 2 – 4 – 2   then   2 – 6 – 2   then rythmatic breathing