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Truth about hypnosis

Hypnosis has been around for many years, but no one really knows how to classify it. It’s not a medicine, drug, a religion, or even a cure.

Most people must see something before they can believe it, but with hypnosis there’s nothing physical to see because everything is happening in the mind. Hypnosis has a long history throughout the history of mankind, but everyone does not accept it.

Many people will never see hypnosis for being anything more than a cheap form of entertainment, but hypnosis has created a loyal following, which believe that the process works.

Ironically, the only people that can give a true assessment of hypnosis are the subjects…. But why believe them, they’re in a trance right?

Is hypnosis or hypnotherapy dangerous? No.

The induction of hypnosis is never dangerous to the subject, although personal disappointments may arise because of unrealistic expectations or preconceived ideas.

“The American Medical Association and the American Psychiatric Association have approved (hypnotherapy/ hypnosis) for use by professionally responsible individuals.”

Anything and anyone can abuse others or be abused by others.

If hypnosis worked, the way people perceive it to work, that someone can snap their fingers and control you then…

If that is happening, then you will send all your savings to me as soon as you leave this web site! Where is the common sense?

People who believe that hypnosis is a power are probably the same people who believe that the magic of a magician, or what is known as an illusionist, is real too!

Hello! Anyone listening?

If the magic were real, then magicians would not need semi-tractor trailers to haul their illusions around the country!

They are simply BOXES, yet through their creative talent they can help you and I to create an evening of mystery in our minds with what we call magic.

Yet, the fact remains, that there will always be a group that chooses to believe that the magic is real, and there will always be a group that chooses to accept that it is simply entertainment.

The fact remains true today that people would rather believe in their fears than in the truth!

There will be those who believe hypnosis is real, (and we do have medical documentation that shows that the mind and body does respond to what we call hypnosis) and there will be those who believe it is just made up.

Self-hypnosis is something we all experience from time to time.

I leave you with this, have you ever daydreamed? Well, that too is a form of what we call hypnosis! Enjoy life and choose your choices for your life well, for they determine the YOU and the results you get out of life. I wish you the best. Dr. H

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3121 S Robertson Ave, Tyler, Tx 75701